Tabata21 Strength


30 Minutes



Class Type

Cardio • Strength

Skill Level



A complete all over body beast of a Workout  – Tabata training is  high-intensity interval training workout, featuring exercises that last four minutes. 20 seconds ON with 10 second Recover. With Tabata21 , we take this next level. Each track consist of 4 x Tabata blocks of 2 x exercises. At the end of each Tabata, there is a 45 second core movement (participants also have the option to rest and recover before the next Tabata round). After 4 x Tabatas, 4 x core 45 sec blasts, there is a 1 minute annihilator


Incorporating Dumbells, OR Kettlebells OR plates OR Barbell

Key Points

Each 20 second should be maxed out at 100% Intensity –  Participants use the 10 second to recover pre going again

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