What's The HIIT Factory all about?

We are all about building a great community and are brought together by our love of fast and effective workouts and sense of inclusion.

We are accessible, cost effective and super family friendly. Many of our children perform burpees as well as we do (and better) and we love this element of the HIIT Factory.

We specialise in High Intensity Interval Training and most of our sessions are only 30 minutes. We are the fast fitness movement and our clients cannot get enough of our sessions! HIIT Factory instructors are always super passionate, friendly, knowledgeable and have a real lust for life. We work with the best to bring you the best!

The HIIT Factory focuses on bodyweight interval training and we bring new formats into the market in Australia and have our finger on the pulse as to what is hot in fitness, and what gets our members results! We also add in mind body aspects with Yoga, mindset coaching and understand the importance of balance between the high intensity workouts with the low intensity stuff that’s good for the soul.

We have a super popular 6 week challenge program that we run 4 x per year. We combine great food plans with our fitness training plan and the results speak for themselves. We have transformed thousands of bodies and really help make people happy, feeling healthier on the outside and in.

Come and experience group fitness unlike anywhere you've tried before. Simply claim our fantastic introductory offer below to get started!

Our Values

Ever felt like you don't "fit in" at other fitness studios or gyms? We guarantee you'll find your fit with us.

Experience the Fast Fitness Revolution

Come and experience group fitness like you never have before with our new client introductory offer.

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