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Frustrated or disappointed with previous results? We might just be what you are looking for... Whether its sweat soaked sessions or strength building we have something for all to assist you on the fast-track route to success.

Everyone is welcome from the unfit and new to exercise to the super powered athlete. We have a way for you to reach your health & fitness goals that is suitable for everyone.

We offer a fun and supportive atmosphere that you will enjoy working out in and reach your goals even quicker. Bring the kids – they can join in or be inspired by you.

Our monthly memberships are the best value for you.

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Choose a plan that fits around your lifestyle. The more you train, the more you save.




per week

  • $129 Billed monthly
  • 12 Sessions per month
  • $10.75 per session




per week

  • $149 Billed monthly
  • 16 Sessions per month
  • $9.31 per session




per week

  • This membership also includes
  • Challenge Access Included
  • $279 Billed monthly
  • 50 Sessions per month
  • $5.58 per session

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