What's The HIIT Factory and why is it so awesome?

Launched in 2013 by Colette McShane, AKA The HIIT Mum, The HIIT Factory is the home of the 30 minute workout. It's about training smarter, not longer, and getting incredible life long results in a short period of time. Sessions are all coach led, upbeat and will leave you feeling energised and exhilarated, getting you fitter, faster and stronger one class at a time!

Bodyweight interval training sessions are our absolute secret weapon to fast success, but we also understand the importance of resistance training and have developed an incredible collection of strength specific workout formats to perfectly compliment our HIIT formats. We have some formats that do a mix of both too, ie HIIT and strength combined and these are great ones to get started on. Most studios also have SPIN which is an amazing way to train at high intensity without the impact.

Our workouts will improve your fitness to no end, make you more agile, move better, run faster, help you lose bodyfat and build muscle, all in just 30 minutes a day! You can even opt for us to come to your home with the incredibly popular HIIT Factory livestream offering, the only place in Australia where you will find this cutting edge way to train live and interactively with your HIIT Factory coaches at home.

Get started and work through our formats to find what suits you and your own personal goals, and then next step become and member and let us show you The HIIT Factory magic and what's possible.

Come and experience group fitness unlike anywhere you've tried before. Simply claim our fantastic introductory offer below to get started!

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Ever felt like you don't "fit in" at other fitness studios or gyms? We guarantee you'll find your fit with us.

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Come and experience group fitness like you never have before with our new client introductory offer.

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