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Our six week challenge bodyscanning is handled by an external company Fitness Key Body Composition Analysis utilising the top of the range  InBody 770 Scanning Machine.


Steve (a clinical nurse, personal trainer and absolute knowledge bomb!) from Fitness Key Body scanning will be delivering the scan read throughs at the start and the end of our next 6 week challenge round.


The bookings for the bodyscans will be made directly with Fitness Key and they are already OPEN and in the system!  The bodyscans will be done in a very swish mobile van, parked up outside The HIIT Factory. You can book into any of our other locations through the week too if this doesn’t suit you.


The cost is $60 for 2x scans, one at the start and one again at the end of the 6 weeks. For non HIIT Factory clients, you are also more than welcome to come and have a bodyscan and the cost is $50 per scan.


Go for it – book in for your bodyscans and arm yourself with knowledge!





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