Innovators of the concept - we have made this movement our own.

THE HIIT FACTORY are masters in "dual delivery" replicating what we do in studio at home.

The HIIT Factory began with 'at home' workouts created by its founder Colette McShane.

It was based on bodyweight exercises that could be done anywhere and somewhat profound, this way of training continues to be offered to all members in every studio as an option on how to train.

We livestream #liveinyourlivingroom every workout.

We have our core HIIT formats we have created, we have our exclusive STRENGTH workouts and finally we have our very own SPIN HIIT LIVE 30 format.

Pioneers in an industry that is helping millions around the world, The HIIT Factory is unique and is quite simply, where LEGENDS train, in studio and #liveinyourlivingroom

To get started view or download the guide linked below. If you require more information please send us an enquiry via the form below.


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