A guide to our classes

At The HIIT Factory we understand the importance of being at the forefront of fitness. If we think a format or workout is beneficial to our clients we will travel all over the world to bring it back and make it available right here at our HIIT Factories in Australia! With a winning combination of world class workouts from America, the UK and our founder, The HIIT Mums own creations - there is something for everyone at The HIIT Factory.

Here's a little overview of our classes and what you can expect.


At The HIIT Factory we specialize in fast, fatburning, fitness. All of our classes are 30 minutes in duration, including a warmup and cooldown!

Calories Burnt

Everyone will burn a different amount of calories based on your height, weight and age. However you can use this as a rough guide to gauge the intensity of the class!

Class Type

Strength uses some form of weights or functional training equipment. Cardio our high energy HIIT focused classes. Mobility focuses on technique, activation or mindbody connection.

Skill Level

From the beginner right through to the seasoned HIITer, our sessions are accessible to everyone. With regressions and progressions available, it never gets easier - you just get fitter.


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